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System 7.0.1 install images

Recipe for Mini vMac

Quick Summary

Use the British System 7.0.1 utility disk image to convert the North American Macintosh System 7.0.1 Self Mounting Image into image files that Mini vMac can use.

(Self Mounting Images require System 7 or later, and the System 7 installer from Apple is a Self Mounting Image, which makes things difficult. So the trick here is to use the British System 7, which is available from Apple as Self Extracting Archives that work in System 6.)


The "BrSys7Ut.dsk" disk image file, from the "British System 7.0.1 utility disk recipe".

The "Blanks" collection.

The System_7.0.1.smi.bin archive file from Apple.


Launch Mini vMac

Mount the image file "BrSys7Ut.dsk", such as by dragging the icon of the image onto the Mini vMac window.

Unzip the file "012M.zip" (in the "M" folder) from the Blanks collection.

Mount the resulting "012M.dsk" image in Mini vMac.

Launch the "ImportFl" application, such as by double clicking on its icon.


Import the file "System_7.0.1.smi.bin", such as by dragging the icon of the file onto the Mini vMac window.

Click the "Desktop" button.


Double click on "Untitled".



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