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Wrapped Lunar Phantom

Recipe for Mini vMac

Quick Summary

Install the game "Lunar Phantom" into a bootable disk image with "AutoQuit". This "wraps" the application, so that it can be used more as you would a native application.


The "Sys6Util.dsk" disk image file, from the "System 6 utility disk recipe".

The "Blanks" collection.

The "AutoQuit" disk image.

The "Lunar Phantom" disk image.


Launch Mini vMac

Mount the image file "Sys6Util"

Unzip the file "1440K.zip" from the Blanks collection.

Mount the resulting "1440K.dsk" image in Mini vMac.

Open the "Untitled" disk, such as by double clicking on its icon.


Make the "Untitled" window larger.



Drag the "Untitled" window lower.




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